Horse Racing

Why You should Never bet on the Favourite

If you are thinking of placing a horse racing bet, perhaps for the first time, then it can all be rather confusing. There are lots of horses to choose form, you can bet on a win or place and then the bookmakers have their odds. These show what chance they think the horse has of&hellip

Horse Racing

How to win big when betting on a Horse Race

Obviously everyone would like to have a really big win when they are betting on horse racing. However, it is not easy or else everyone would be doing it. Obviously the bookmakers want to make it difficult for anyone to have a huge win as it puts them out of pocket and so you need&hellip

Horse Betting Systems

Horse racing betting systems

When we first looked at the possibility that there were real horse racing betting systems out there that actually worked and over a given period of time actually always turned a profit we were very skeptical – after all, if you could earn a source of income guaranteed from just betting on horses then why&hellip

Horse Racing

The Secrets of the Jockey Diet

This year’s Cheltenham Festival takes place between Tuesday 13-Friday 16 March with race prize money second only to the Grand National on the horse calendar. Many of the best British and Irish-trained horses race, which in itself is relatively rare during the rest of the season. The event attracts many punters new and old to&hellip

Horse Racing

Horse Racing Tips

Tips for everything abound these days, you only have to open a phone and you’ll be getting tips for an update, the quickest way to the shops or the best tips for maybe even picking a pair of shoes. Well, what are some of the most searched after tips out there? Well, it’s not all&hellip