5 Tips to Winning at Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is the most popular and lucrative of all forms of online poker. It combines various skills and the element of chance and its appeal is global. As you’re playing against other people and not the house, you need to be better than your opponents to earn money. This is challenging for new players so I’ve created this 5-tip article to help you.

1 – Poker cheat sheets

A cheat sheet is a reference guide to help you “cheat” and get some quick wins. There’s no actual cheating involved but you can get cheat sheets for anything. Poker training site often provide a poker cheat sheet for free. They are typically used for low stakes games and give tips on hand selection, basic pot odds and the rules of poker. This is a great place to start when playing texas hold’em. Make sure you keep them with you when you play your first few sessions.

2 – Start off small

There’s no point playing high stakes poker when you lack experience and knowhow. The key to winning is to play against weaker opponents. Therefore, if you’re new to poker, start off small. Play micro stakes for a few cents or even start off with freerolls. As you gain experience and understand more, you can slowly move up stakes and earn more money.

3 – Use Position

Position is the most important aspect to texas hold’em. By acting after your opponents, you will have more information than them. This is invaluable, as it means you can exercise bluffs or value bet easier. Conversely, if you’re always acting before your opponents, you won’t have as much information and be more prone to mistakes. Play more in later position and you will reap the rewards for it.

4 – Learn to fold

The most common mistake among weak players is their inability to fold hands. This could be pre or post-flop but it’s a costly error in the long run. Top pair isn’t always going to win in texas hold’em. At a table of 9 players, stronger hands are often required to win at showdown. If you have a medium or weak holding and there’s a lot of action going on, chances are you need to fold. This is something you may not like to do but if you want to be a winner, you need to learn to fold in spots where your hand is no good. Obviously, you can’t always fold and you may get a situation where you have a strong hand and are just pipped. That’s different to stubborn calling though.

5 – Learn from the experts

There’s an abundance of texas hold’em material available online. There’s also a lot of rubbish material so be careful where you get your information from. A lot of poker sites offer basic, outdated or just wrong poker information. Stick to learning from experts like Daniel Negreanu and other reputable poker websites. By learning from experts, you will gain access to tips and insights that can take years and years to learn yourself.