You can become a Winner Betting on Horse Racing

Ask most people about gambling and they will tell you it is a “mug’s game”. Ask if it is possible for an average person like you or me to make big money and they will laugh in your face.

But probe a little deeper and ask if it is possible for anyone to make money and they will usually concede that there are a few people who make a lot of money week in, week out. These people are:


The fact is that Bookmakers always win in the long run. Whilst thousands of punters leave the race track with empty pockets and miserable hearts, the bookies laugh all the way to the Bank. It makes sense, therefore, that bookies have a winning secret. This secret is in their attitude to winning.

Now must punters try to win big overnight. They think they can go into a bookmaker’s office, place a one pound ten horse accumulator and leave several hours later with a cheque for half a million pounds. Naturally, the vast majority of such punters end up gravely disappointed.

Bookies, by comparison, never set out to make a lot of money. Instead they use the principles of mathematics to try and ensure that they make profits over the long term.

Punters who adopt the same attitude become winners. Ask any bookmaker what kind of punter makes the most money and he will probably tell you that it is one who aims for:

1. A winning results as often as possible
2. A small profit on total outlay
3. Consistent, reliable performance

If you sincerely want to be successful in horse racing then you must adopt the above attitudes to betting. Instead of dreaming of overnight fortunes, be content to siphon off a small profit on a regular basis. As your betting fund grows and the size of your bets increases, so your small profits will also increase and before long you may be generating one hundred, five hundred, or even a thousand pounds per day!

Okay, so how do you develop this winning attitude?

Well, first of all you must forget almost everything you have ever been told about horse racing. Forget the half-baked ideas of television pundits. Forget the idea that you cannot make money by backing favourites. Forget the idea that staking plans do not work. The fact is that you can make money by backing favourites if you know how! You can also make staking plans work incredibly well! I know because I do it!

So forget the rumours and nightmare stories of the losing masses and be prepared to embrace the idea of going against the grain of popular belief, for this is what will ultimately help to create your fortune!

If you are not prepared to change your attitude towards betting then there is a chance that you will miss out on a potential pile of cash.

Here then, are three things you should look to do straight away:


As I said a moment ago, forget everything you have ever been told about horse racing. Keep an open mind and you will find that methods do exist with enormous money-making potential.


Do not aim for over-night riches, but be content with smaller and more regular profit. Bookmakers do this every day of the week and they make millions of pounds! Why not adopt their approach to betting and reap the rewards?


Unless you have a goal, any steps you take towards winning at betting will be a waste of time. When you apply yourself you can make your dreams come true, so make sure you have some dreams to start with!

Decide right now what you want your betting to bring you. Do you want to take your partner on a cruise around the world? Do you want one hundred thousand pounds in the Bank? Do you want to buy a holiday cottage in Tuscany?

Whatever your personal preferences, be sure to have a goal in mind. This will help motivate you.

Once you have done these three things then you are ready.