How to win big when betting on a Horse Race

Obviously everyone would like to have a really big win when they are betting on horse racing. However, it is not easy or else everyone would be doing it. Obviously the bookmakers want to make it difficult for anyone to have a huge win as it puts them out of pocket and so you need to see whether you can beat them at their own game. This is impossible but there are things that you can do to increase your chances of a big win.

Only bet on High Odds

If you want to win big then you need to place your money on a high odd horse. This means one that the bookmakers think is highly unlikely to win. In some races you will see 100-1 or even 1000-1 and these are the sorts of odds you could really win big with. If you bet even a small amount of money and that horse won, you would make a huge return. However, this is really risky but if you are only interested in winning big, then it could be your only chance.

Bet a Large Amount of Money

The more money that you bet, the more you can potentially win. As above, this is a big risk, because you can potentially lose a lot more money as well. It all comes down to whether you think that it is worth betting a lot of money and risking winning a large amount of being more conservative, but if you do win, you will get less.

Choose a Race with Less Horses

If you pick a race that has a small amount of horses running in it, then the one that you bet on has more chance of winning due to the lack of competition. However, this will affect the odds and so you may not be able to get such high ones in a race like this. It is worth a try though.

Check Conditions are Right for the Horse

It is worth seeing hat the racing conditions are like before you bet. Different horses run better in different conditions and this will depend on the weather. If the ground is soft or hard will be determined by how much rain has fallen and how much the sun has been shining. This will change from race to race and therefore you should be able to find out what conditions certain horses prefer and this research should enable you to predict how they may react on the day based on the previous weeks weather.

Hope for Good Luck!

Unfortunately a lot of betting is to do with luck. You can do lots of research about who you think might win, but if you want a horse with high odds to win, then you will need to be lucky. Mos people do not believe in luck so just enjoy yourself, make a bet that you are happy with and excites you and hopefully you will get lucky and win a lot of money.