How to cut your Losses when Betting on the Horses

Sometime sit can feel like you are unlucky. You may feel that every time you place a bet you never win and it doesn’t feel good. However, you still enjoy a bet and want to keep going but improve your luck. It is possible to do this by putting some rules into practice.

Only bet small amounts

If you feel miserable when you lose then it can be sensible to just bet small amounts of money. It is not worth betting a lot of you feel anxious and worried and then sad if you lose. However, if you just bet a small amount of money, you still get something extra if you win, but you will not need to feel so worried if you lose. It is also wise only to bet money that you can afford to lose and then you will not lose so much if you do not win.

Spread your Bets

You could bet on more than one horse in the race. This means that you will have a greater chance of betting on the winning horse. You could even bet on every horse in the race and then you will guarantee a win, but unless the odds are really good on the winner you are unlikely to make back more than you bet.

Look at the odds

It is worth looking at the odds as a guide as to where to bet. Just choosing a horse by its name or colours can be fun, but if you want a better chance of winning look at the odds. These show who other people think will win and so it is worth noting them and deciding whether you want to follow suit. It isn’t cut and dried or there would be no point in having a race but it can give you a better chance of winning.

Do your research

You can also research more about the riders, owners, horses, ground and their previous history. Find out how well they are doing lately, their history in that specific race and what conditions they prefer. This should enable you to get a better idea of how well they might do in this particular race. It will not give you a definitive answer, or else everyone would be able to pick the winner, but it can help you to make a more informed bet.

Enjoy your bet

It is worth making sure that you enjoy your bet. Imagine that the money you have placed on the race is a payment for the enjoyment that you get. Consider how much extra enjoyment you get if you bet and then decide how much it is worth. This will help you to choose an amount to bet that suits you. If you decide that you do not enjoy it more, then you may decide that betting is not for you. However, it is likely that betting will make the race much more exciting and so you will need to bet based on that value.