Five reasons why visiting the Races is better than Watching on TV

Many people have watched horse racing on the television but never actually been to a racecourse to watch it live. Obviously, it will be cramped, the food and drink is expensive and you may have to queue for the loo but there are many positives to going and watching live which may make you feel that it is well worth going.


Obviously the atmosphere is very different to watching at home on the television. You will feel the excitement in the crowd there and hearing them cheering during the race and feel the tingle in the crowd can be unlike anything you have experienced before. It rubs off on you as well and makes the whole experience a lot better than just sitting on the edge of your sofa at home.

Seeing horses close up

It can be really great seeing the horses close up. Whether you just love horses or want to look in detail at their form you will have the opportunity to do so. You will have to be early though to get to the paddock before everyone else does! You may also be able to see them after the race as they return to the stables, if you are lucky.

Having the chance to mingle with the rich and famous

If you are at a big race then you will find that there are likely to be celebrities there. Often they own race horses or they just like going along to this sort of occasion. You may be more interested in the horses and jockeys than looking for stars but it could be an added bonus for you. It can also be fun mixing with the rich, seeing what sort of lives they lead and imagining that could be you if you win a few good bets!

Seeing it live

Watching a race live can be really great. Although it is broadcast live on the television, there is still a small delay. You will also be able to choose how you watch the race, from what point of view and angle, rather than being dictated to by a camera man. It can be very exciting being in the stands close to the finish line to hear the crowd’s excitement lifting as the race draws to a close. You could choose to view different races from different positions as well, so that you get an idea of different angles and what is like to see from different places.

Seeing others win

Watching other people celebrate their wins can be really exciting too. It can make you believe that you will be able to win next and it can add a whole celebratory feel to the occasion. It is especially good if it is someone that you are with that wins or perhaps even yourself. It can just be a lot of fun feeling the joy of people who are winning and having a lot of fun too.