Horse betting guide

Thousands of gamblers around the world opt to bet on the horses instead of other popular sports because there are some good odds available on horses that always have a chance of winning. Of course, betting on horses isn’t easy and it comes with a lot of knowledge and research to make it a success, but it’s also great for those punters that rely on a little bit of luck. The great thing about betting on any horse racing event is that no matter how good a horse is or how good a jockey is, there is also another horse punters have overlooked that might spring a surprise and win a race by a country mile.

Recent form

Recent form is very important when picking a horse, but it doesn’t always give punters a strong chance of winning their bet; it just gives them a little information on how the horse has fared in recent races. If a horse has won its last 2 races, then it would suggest they are in fantastic form and they have a chance of keeping that form going, whereas if a horse has fell at its last two hurdle races, then it would suggest that the horse needs a little more practise over hurdles.

Previous races at the same course and distance

Looking at recent form is important, but there are those jockeys and horses that have a special place in their hearts for certain courses. A lot of horses do a lot better at some courses where the turns are in different directions, and then of course comes the total distance of the race, some horses have a much better sprinting game which would suggest they would be better at short distances, whereas some horses have much better stamina and can run for much longer distances.

Ground conditions

The ground conditions of a course is always important because a lot of horses favour good to soft, and many others might prefer heavy ground etc. There are many different conditions a course can be in during any race and you will find a lot of horses do a lot better in different conditions. There are also completely different grounds that horses have a preference on, these can either be turf, dirt, or artificial.


Horses carry a certain amount of weight during any race, not just the hockey, but they also get penalised for winning races and end up having to carry more weight in the next race. If a horse has won its last 2 races, then the chances are they will be put at a much higher weight for their next race than they were at the first time of winning. This is very important because there are some horses that do not do well when carrying much heavier weights and it is likely to slow them down, thus a horse racing at a lower weight might do better.

Age and experience

The age and experience of a horse is important because not only do the older horses have a lot of racing experience, but they are also likely the ones to not have as much energy or stamina in some cases. Then you have the younger 2 year old horses that don’t have any racing experience at all, which could end up costing them in the final furlong when it really matters – especially if it is a hurdles race.

There are many different aspects to look into when betting on horses and the above are just some of the important ones. Sometimes it’s best to pick a horse with good odds rather than a horse that is well backed because at the end of the day, any horse in that particular event has a chance of winning no matter what their odds or previous form may suggest.