Horse racing betting systems

When we first looked at the possibility that there were real horse racing betting systems out there that actually worked and over a given period of time actually always turned a profit we were very skeptical – after all, if you could earn a source of income guaranteed from just betting on horses then why wouldn’t everybody be doing it.

A racing betting system is basically a betting strategy and the real reasons that there aren’t more people earning their income – or 2nd income from betting on horses are 3 fold:

People In general do not believe it is possible to earn a living from betting.
People that do bet regularly believe they know best – and thrive on the thrill of the bet.
People are simply unaware that these real working systems exist.

There will only be two things that will stop you from earning an income from horse race betting.

The Two Things That Stop Anyone Making Money Betting On Horses

You do not follow the system properly and you add your own variants to it.
You do not believe that the system works – so you never try it.

Let’s look at these two reasons:

All the systems we have reviewed – we have personally tested and would only recommend them if they have proven profitable. If you are going to use a betting system properly then you must follow it properly – these betting strategies have not just been dreamed up overnight and have no testing to them – they have been carefully crafted and tested and honed until they are at their best – the temptation for human nature to take over and for you to add, subtract or modify must be overcome, or you will fail.

So the first thing you must make sure you do is – FOLLOW THE SYSTEM PROPERLY. Then you will make money – simple.

The only other reason that you wouldn’t make money using these systems is that you simply don’t believe that they work – and so you simply won’t try them.

Well to try and overcome your disbelief we have chosen some systems with absolute water tight no quibble money back guarantee – so if after using getting the betting system you don’t like it for any reason, you can get your money back within the guarantee period.

We hope that helps any Nay Sayers who find it hard to believe the facts when presented with them.

Evaluating The Horse Racing Betting Systems

We have used some simple criteria when giving the betting system a rating –

Ease Of Use – It’s no good if you need a degree in advanced mathematics and statistics to understand and be able to implement a betting strategy. We believe that the system must be easy to follow and any layman be able to understand an implement it with ease.

Length Of Time Needed To Run – we thought that the strategy being implemented needed a realistic length of time to not only show a profit, but to consistently keep that profit even when things take a turn for the worse – so we tested what would be a realistic “ cycle “ to the system and those that performed best scored higher.

Profits To A Given Bet – Now this is a really important (probably the most important) part of any horse racing betting system – what is the return on investment to a given bet per point over a given period. Obviously if you have an unlimited bank roll you could just keep increasing your bets until a horse came in a winner and that increased bet covered all your losses – this is not what we recommend as a losing streak can mean that the amount you have to stake gets out of control – so while testing the systems we have kept a level betting pattern and judged the effectiveness by the returns.

Longest Losing Run – with the above in mind, we feel it is important to have systems that can handle losing streaks but by their very nature and effectiveness – these are kept to a minimum, so this is another very important criteria in giving our rating to the horse racing systems.