Playing Free Slot Games

As we have written before, online casinos offer you online slots that you can play for free. A good listing of the many slots that you can play for free can be found at Online Slots UK. The question many people have is, how does it work? And why do the casinos offer the games for free?

The second question is the easiest to answer. Offering things for free is a great promotional strategy for any business, including online casinos. By offering the product for free, you are more likely to try it. Once you decide that you like it, you are more likely to pay for the real thing. Though it’s a terrible analogy, even drug dealers see the value of free samples. The casinos offer free slots because they entice people to play, which entices them to become members.

Now, how do they work? There are a few different ways. In many cases, you first have to sign up at the online casino to play the free slots. You are then able to download the software for the slots. You are given “credits” that have no real value and you use those credits for wagering on the slots. As you win and lose credits, your fake account increases and decreases. You are not able to cash out, since the money has no real value and if you run out of credits, you can simply start over with more.

In other cases, you do not need to register for an account first. The casino allows you to play using streaming software, which allows you to play the slots within your browser. Sometimes casino directory websites will have free slots embedded in them, which lets you play for free without ever registering or even visiting an online casino.