Horse Racing Tips

Tips for everything abound these days, you only have to open a phone and you’ll be getting tips for an update, the quickest way to the shops or the best tips for maybe even picking a pair of shoes.

Well, what are some of the most searched after tips out there? Well, it’s not all about tips for fixing washing machine, or tips on getting cheap holiday deals, you can also find some reliable and well-sourced horse betting tips too. And we all know what can happen when you find a good tipster!? Yes, we do, right?

So, where do we find these insightful, reliable and well-sourced horse racing tips? A good port of call, before we get into the intricacies – is The Winners Enclosure’s racing tips page. You’ll find a mixed bag of tips, insight as well as well-written previews with predictions for all the major and upcoming races.

What makes a good tipster?

If you’re internet savvy and have social media accounts you’ll be ahead of the game here, as you’ll have no doubt found a plethora of tipsters already guaranteeing you a route to success. They’ll offer you great odds too, many of these will be genuine offers and you’ll probably find the provider is all about getting you to click on their link. These are affiliates, though filled with great offers they’re not always the most well versed when it comes to tipping on the races.

If you are going to follow a tipster, ensure they their own website. From this you should be able to view their previous picks and then make a call on whether or not they’re any good. The Winners Enclosure site, we mentioned earlier, provides reasoning, as well as previews, around most of their selections. This level of research should be the minimum to expect from any self-promoting tipster.

Are they active on their social channels? It’s not too difficult to acquire legions of followers on Twitter, for instance. But, it’s how they engage with their followers, do they talk to followers openly, give real-time insight?

The above factors are major indicators that your tipster is making his own judgement call, not just copying from other established betting sites. Obviously, you need a tipster to be living what he’s preaching and open about his reasoning behind the tip. Manage the above and you’ll not too badly, but remember it’s all about fun and making a little bit on the side. As a profession, you’re best studying the form then maybe look at becoming a tipster yourself.